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We work with multimedia rights holders, content owners and publishers by offering leading video technology & consulting services. The media division owns an exclusive percent of its partners video inventory at preferred rates based on consulting and technology agreements. 

Media Agency Partnerships

We work with leading advertising agencies across the US, Canada and UK to drive ROI and RoAS. With specific device targeting on connected TVs, desktop, mobile and second screen capabilities, we focus on contextual alignment with additional demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting.

Over 500MM Unique Visits Per Month 
Across Three Verticals: Sports, News & Lifestyle

Media Agency
Publisher Platform

Publisher Platform

Through our OTT consulting services, we work with many publishers, rights holders, and content owners giving us the ability to help monetize our partner’s inventory at guaranteed rates.

  • Significant scale via content syndication platforms

  • Leverages publisher first party data

  • Guaranteed inventory, scale, optimization and performance through all direct relationships, no DSP or programmatic integrations

  • Increase VOD content consumption, grow organic traffic and generate more ad revenue

  • Fully robust direct advertising optimized ad stack, not reliant on programmatic advertising

  • Sophisticated technology platform allowing publishers to scale their video efforts seamlessly

Advertising Operations

Full ad operations team to help publishers, content owners and rights holders manage ad trafficking and campaign management, tagging, yield management and workflow.

Fully Staffed Group with Over 25 Years
of Experience in Advertising Operations & Tech

Advetising Operations


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Tel: 646-768-6297

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